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What shall I do today?

Try the Laterlife One-armed bandit to give you some great ideas!

  • A winning set of ideas every time.
  • Some will exercise your brain, some will exercise your body and others will exercise your social skills
  • 505 ideas and growing
  • Whenever you need some inspiration come back and play!

Don’t forget to turn your sound on.

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More about the Laterlife ‘What shall I do today? Play the one-armed bandit

Not sure what to do today? Then why not consult the Laterlife one-armed bandit. A click on the handle will reveal 3 suggestions for what you might do today. If there’s nothing you fancy then click again to get 3 more ideas. And so on until your arm aches.

The idea is to provide a fun way to get some inspiration on things to do today in your later life and especially in retirement.

There are 505 ideas, and growing all the time, across 16 different categories of ideas from things mental to creative, musical to sporting and technological to social, represented by the icons on the reels.

You are presented with three different ideas each time and you can pull the handle as many times as you like. Even if an idea isn't exactly what you want it should spark some thoughts.

Ideas range from things that you can genuinely do today to slightly longer term things that you might start today.

Together we can make this even more useful Please do input your ideas on things to include in the 'What shall I do today' one-armed bandit, for us all to share, especially things that you’ve done and really enjoyed. Just click on the 'Submit a suggestion button'.

Any Problems

If the Laterlife ‘What shall I do today? Play the one-armed bandit should stop working just refresh the page to start again.

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How to play

Click on the handle to reveal 3 suggestions.

Click on the icons on the reel, or on 'more' at the end of each suggestion to reveal more information. Links open in a new window.

For a full experience switch your sound on. To mute use the sound on/off link.

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